10 Items to Keep in Your Car for Winter Emergencies

10 Items to Keep in Your Car for Winter Emergencies

With the arrival of December, it is that time to stock your car for those snow and ice filled days. Even children know it is essential to have jumper cables and a blanket in your truck. However, in the scenario of a winter emergency those two alone will not suffice. This list will prepare you for any snow emergency where it might be awhile until help can reach you.

  1. Shovel: This will be handy if you need to dig your car out of snow or mud or clearing snow from around your car.
  2. Matches or lighter, candle and empty coffee can: In case your car dies or instead of running the car’s engine, you can stay warm by lighting a candle. If necessary, you can melt snow inside the coffee can for drinking water.
  3. Energy bars: Helpful if you are waiting for help for a long period of time.
  4. Hand warmers: Hand warmers are helpful to slip into your gloves or socks to keep warm and avoid running your car’s engine.
  5. Change of clothes: Wet clothes and cold weather can lead to hypothermia.
  6. Tow Strap: Just because you have a small car does not mean someone else cannot tow you out of snow or mud.
  7. Spare car fluids: Sometimes topping off your car fluids can fix or prevent a roadside emergency.
  8. Paper map: You are probably wondering why a paper map, we have cell phones and GPS? You may need to conserve batter power in these devices, the battery may die, or you may not have signal.
  9. Flares: Flares will help rescuers to see you. If they are searching in a snow storm, a flare will make the difference.
  10. First aid kit: In case someone is hurt in an accident, a first aid kit is vital. It is also just as important to know how to use it, because knowing how to apply a leg splint can be very very important in such a moment.

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