3 Reasons Not to Leave an Unused Car on your Property

3 Reasons Not to Leave an Unused Car on your Property

If you’ve ever left an unused car on your property for long, you probably heard from your neighbors about it. But beyond the headache of dealing with the neighbors, there are at least 3 other reasons leaving unused Chicago junk cars laying around is not a good idea.

It’s More Dangerous than You Think

Chicago junk cars left unused on your property quickly turn into serious health hazards. Especially if there are children in your neighborhood, the metal will corrode and create sharp edges that children may cut themselves on. Even worse, because the car is abandoned, the metal will often be contaminated, meaning any person that cuts themselves on the car could become infected.

Abandoned Cars are Magnets for Pests

Though they may be unsuitable for driving, Chicago junk cars that are left on your property often become homes for pests. Raccoons, rats, and other pests will be attracted to the sanctuary of an abandoned car. And since that car is on your property, those pests will be very close to your home. This increases the chance that they’ll find their way into your trash or even your house, where they can easily spread disease.

Your Property Value Will Take a Big Hit

If you’ve ever heard the real estate cliché about location, you know how important the neighborhood is to potential homebuyers. And when home shoppers drive through your neighborhood and they see an abandoned car, they won’t be willing to pay top dollar to live in that neighborhood.

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