3 Things You Should Never Do to Your Auto Glass

3 Things You Should Never Do to Your Auto Glass

After yesterday’s snowfall, was your car covered in snow and ice? Now that winter is here, we are all too familiar with shoveling to get our car out of its parking spot and scraping ice off the windshield. You may have heard the following tricks for removing ice and snow from your windshield, but take our word for it – do NOT try them!

  • DO NOT pour hot water on the windshield if ice has formed. If there are any underlying chips or cracks in the glass, the extreme temperature change can cause it to expand. Instead of using hot water, try to cover your windshield at night, or use a de-icing wiper fluid.
  • DO NOT scrape ice off the windshield with tools not designed for it (objects with sharp edges you may have lying around your car). These materials may scratch the windshield, which not only impairs your vision when driving, but will also require replacement. Be prepared! Have a proper scraping tool in your car at all times.
  • DO NOT wait to call for a repair! During the winter, moisture mixed with cold temperatures can make even the smallest chip or crack much worse, so be safe and repair your windshield while the damage is still minor.

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