5 Easy Car Maintenance Jobs

5 Easy Car Maintenance Jobs

Can’t wait to cruise around with the windows down? With this warm weather, neither can we! Now that spring has officially settled in, it’s best to take a few moments to devote to your car and undo winter’s damage. Regular maintenance is important to ensure optimum performance. Our top five easy maintenance jobs are affordable, and you can even tackle a few of these yourself!

  1. Cleansing the Underbody Have you ever washed the underbody of your car, let alone have you ever looked at the underbody of your car? To avoid corrosion and rust, be sure to upgrade your car wash to include a power wash for the bottom of your car. You can also use a hose, but worth the extra bucks in the long run!
  2. Total Wash Your car will feel good and so will you! Your car craves a fresh wash and a wax to get rid of all the salt and debris left over from winter. Not only can this debris damage your paint, but it can also build-up on your carpet and interior. A steam cleaner will work wonders on difficult salt stains.
  3. Check Tires Don’t delay having a tire rotation and wheel alignment. While you’re focusing on tires, you might as well check the air pressure as well to be sure they are even and at the appropriate levels.
  4. New Wiper Blades There’s nothing more annoying than streaks on your windshield. If your wipers are squeaking and just plain old not working, swap them out for new!
  5. Top-off Fluids Your owner’s manual will recommend when and how often to change your oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. The general rule is about every 5,000 miles. You may also want to top off your anti-freeze and wiper fluids.

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