5 Must-have Things In Your Car For Winter Safety

5 Must-have Things In Your Car For Winter Safety

#1. Sturdy Ice Scraper, Snow Brush, And Shovel

You need tools as part of your emergency kit to help you deal with ice and snow on and around your car. A shovel, ice scraper, and snow brush are must-have tools in your vehicle during winter. Additionally, if you have ample space, you should include tools such as a pocket knife, a chain or rope for towing, jumper cables, and a portable battery jumper.

#2. Water And Non-Perishable Foods

While it might seem excessive to keep a gallon of water and non-perishable food items in your car’s trunk, you’d be surprised how important it is when faced with an emergency. The last thing you want is to get out of the safety of your car amid a snowstorm to search for water and food items. Ideally, you should keep ample water and food to hanker down in your car for a few hours. Distilled water is best as you can drink it or use it as a car coolant. As for food items, high-calorie foods such as cereals, nutrition bars, nuts, and trail mix are ideal.

#3. Gloves And Other Winter Clothing/Blankets

You also need to plan how you’ll stay warm. To this end, keep a few of your old winter clothes in a bag as part of your emergency kit. Ensure you have socks, gloves, warm jackets and sweaters. Ensure your emergency bag has scarves, hats, and ski masks to protect your head. Finally, keep a blanket and a sleeping bag if you have the space for them. Alternatively, you can buy a survival-wrap blanket. All of these will help to keep you warm.

#4. Rock Salt, Sand, Or Kitty Litter

Your emergency supplies should also contain items to help your car get un-stuck in snow. Rock salt will help melt some of the snow, while sand and kitty litter will increase the grip for your car to drive off from a snow or ice patch.

#5. First Aid Kit & Emergency Flares Or Reflectors

Ensure you have flares, a flashlight, and a first aid kit in your emergency kit. Flares help warn other cars of your presence in the low-visibility of a snowing day/night. Flashlights are helpful when you want to move around the vehicle. Finally, a first aid kit can be a lifesaver in the face of injuries after an accident.

While these items might seem mundane, they might save your life. The good thing is that they don’ take up a lot of space in your vehicle and can stay hidden until you need them.

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