6 Ways to Avoid Getting a Ticket

6 Ways to Avoid Getting a Ticket

Traffic laws are in place for a reason – to keep you and others on the road safe. If you don’t follow speed limits and other rules of the road, chances are you will get a ticket or two at some point. Below are 6 things to do to keep all drivers safe and avoid getting a ticket.

  • The number one rule to follow when driving is to obey the posted speed limit. Speeding tickets can cost hundreds of dollars, and may lead to court appearances or even a loss of license. It can also increase your insurance rate. Follow the speed limit and you can avoid the trouble!
  • When driving behind a bus, look out for the stop sign that folds to its left when stopped. This means children are crossing, so don’t pass the bus when the sign is displayed.
  • Don’t ignore sirens coming from behind you. It means that a police truck, fire truck or ambulance needs to get past you and on to an emergency situation. Safely move over to the shoulder and wait for the vehicle to pass you.
  • Avoid over-use of your horn. It should be used only in emergencies.
  • Stop signs mean just that: stop. Don’t just slow down at a stop sign; stop completely and look around for other cars, bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Whether you are parking in a lot or on a city street, pay attention to signs. You may be in a handicapped spot, a tow zone, or an area with timing restrictions; all of which will result in a ticket with a hefty fine.

Some things are out of our control when driving, but you can minimize the risk for accidents and tickets by following safety driving rules!

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