Be Aware and Prepared for Holiday Travel

Be Aware and Prepared for Holiday Travel

Will you be traveling for the holidays? Regardless if you are driving across the country or just a few miles, increased traffic and overindulgence can make driving during the holidays more dangerous. As long as you are aware and prepared, you will get where you need to go safely.

  • Make sure your car is in good condition if you are taking it on a long trip. If you haven’t had the vehicle looked at in a while, have the tires and engine inspected to ensure the car can handle the trip.
  • Map out the journey in advance and be aware that the roads will be busy. Leave as early as you possible can to avoid immense traffic.
  • Keep valuables in the trunk or another storage area that is out of sight to anyone who walks past your car should you make any stops along the way.
  • If you are traveling with kids, chances are you will be making a stop or two for food or a bathroom break. Don’t let your kids go into rest areas alone.
  • Make sure you are alert and not distracted while driving. Other drivers on the road could be intoxicated or tired, and you can only be an effective defensive driver when you are paying attention.
  • DO NOT drive if the roads are too icy or if it is snowing heavily.
  • Keep the contact information for emergency roadside assistance in the car so you are prepared in case of an incident.
  • Keep your cell phone and charger with you in case of an emergency.

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