How to Keep Your Car Clean in the Winter

How to Keep Your Car Clean in the Winter

Ice, salt, snow, sleet, hail. Winter is nothing but sloppy for those busy Illinois roadways. Chicago residents are no strangers to the mess of dirty, melting snow, but it probably feels like your car gets the brunt of it.

Rubber Mats

If you’re exhausted by the constant struggle of trying to keep your fabric mats rid of slush and salt, try switching to rubber mats. Not only are they waterproof, but they can be easily washed off when things get grimy.


Wax should be your new go-to car treatment, and here’s why. Snowy, wet roads are dirts best friend, and driving on them results in a layer of grime collecting on your perfect paint job. Investing the time and money in to a fresh wax may seem taxing, but it’s worth it. The wax adds an extra layer of protection to prevent the road grit from damaging your exterior.

Clean off Build-Up

Remember to periodically give your car a thorough wash, but make sure you aren’t just rubbing around the existent dirt. This can cause microscopic scratches, leaving your car susceptible to rust and corrosion.

Get that layer of dirt off first!

A clean car is a happy car, so don’t neglect your automotive best friend! Maintain your Chicago auto parts by following these tips.

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