Keep Your Cool

Keep Your Cool

The last thing you want to happen while driving in the summer heat is for your vehicle’s air conditioning system to stop working, especially if you get stuck in a traffic jam. Having your A/C inspected each year will help avoid these issues- in fact, you should have the entire HVAC system looked at to keep comfortable during any season of the year.
Make sure the technician performs the following during the inspection:

  • Check the refrigerant charge and outlet temperatures
  • Check for cross-contamination in refrigerant
  • If refrigerant is low, perform a leak test to find source of the leak
  • Check compressor’s drive belt and tension

Not only will a working HVAC system keep you comfortable in your vehicle, it is better for the environment and improves gas mileage – saving you money! If you find that your A/C stops working, bring it in for a repair as soon as possible. Don’t put up with those sweaty drives any longer!

Courtesy of aeroautoparts

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