Motorcycle Safety Tips for Car Drivers

Motorcycle Safety Tips for Car Drivers

Did you know that over half of all fatal motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle? Unfortunately, most of time, the car or truck driver and not the motorcyclist, is at fault. Given summer weather and the increase of motorcycle use, drivers need to be aware that in addition to trucks and other car drivers, motorcycle drivers will also share the roadways.

What You Should Know About Motorcycles

  • Motorcycles have a narrow profile and can easily be hidden in a car’s blind spot or camouflaged by objects in the background such as shadows, bushes, or fences. Take an extra moment to scan the road.
  • Motorcyclists often slow down by downshifting or letting off the throttle, which will not activate the brake light. Always increase your following distance when driving behind a motorcycle.
  • Because of its small size, it may be difficult to judge a motorcycle’s speed or to predict its ability to accelerate. It’s safest to assume that a motorcycle is closure than you think.
  • Motorcyclists often adjust position purposefully within a lane whether it’s to be seen more easily and/or to minimize the effects of road debris, passing vehicles, and wind.
  • While a motorcycle is built to maneuver easily, car drivers should not assume that or expect a motorcyclist to be able to dodge out of the way.

Use these tips to make sharing the road with motorcyclists a safe and successful strategy! Consider that the person under the helmet is your friend, neighbor, or relative. Rather than driving aggressively, SHARE the road.

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