Road Trip Tips!

Road Trip Tips!

Traveling for the holidays? Whether you are driving only a few hours or setting out for a cross-country road trip, safety should be a number-one concern for the driver, passengers, and others on the road. We know the holiday season can be hectic, and travel plans can add chaos. That is why we would like to remind you to plan ahead this year and reference our road tip tips for a successful and safe holiday.

  • Is your car ready? Before leaving for your trip, check the pressure in your tires. Also check your car’s fluid levels and that your headlights, brake lights, tail lights, and wipers are all functioning properly.
  • Back up supplies: It’s a good idea to bring along a spare tire and also to check that the tire pressure is ready to go. You may also want to bring along windshield wiper fluid, a first-aid kit, water bottles, utensils, napkins, and snacks.
  • Important documentation: The last thing you want to do is get into trouble for driving without insurance or having an expired license or license plate. Check that you have all documentation up to date and handy before you drive away.
  • Sleep and eat: If you ever feel drowsy, it’s best to take a nap, stretch your legs, and eat a snack so that you can concentrate on driving and hit the road feeling refreshed and alert.
  • Plan your route: Have an idea of what route you will take before you leave. You can reference the Am dial for traffic updates and use a hands free GPS. Bring along a road map to help you look for alternate routes too.
  • Share driving responsibilities: Break up the long drive by alternating with a second or third driver every few hours. If you are traveling alone, remember to take breaks or schedule time for resting and walking around.
  • Hands free cell phone: Each state may have differing laws for driving with a cell phone. Play it safe and enable a hands free blue tooth device for touch free dialing.
  • Refuel: Don’t wait until your tank is on E to refuel. Give yourself a buffer zone especially when driving in a new area where you may not know when the next rest stop may come along.
  • Safety first: Buckle up and obey the speed limits, road signs, and construction zone areas.

Happy travels! Bon Voyage! Have a safe and happy trip this holiday!

Courtesy of aeroautoparts

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