Vehicle Maintenance: 7 Car Maintenance Tip’s For Spring And Summer

Vehicle Maintenance: 7 Car Maintenance Tip’s For Spring And Summer

Spring fever is upon us and summer is rapidly approaching.  Even with the current gas prices, taking that family road trip is still a popular seasonal activity.  In addition to packing up a cooler, sunscreen, and your beach gear, taking the time to get some proper vehicle maintenance on your car, truck, or RV, will make your road trip all the more pleasurable and carefree.  Here are just 7 things you can do to get your vehicle in tip-top shape for that long-awaited for (or maybe even unexpected) road trip.

1. Tire Checks – Make sure the treads on your tires are adequate for rainy weather or you could be in for a nasty surprise when that unexpected spring or summer storm hits.  You also should check your tire pressure as it will improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and ride.

2. Check Headlights – It’s easy to overlook a burned out headlight, or any of your other lights (brake lights, back-up lights, blinkers).  Enlist the help of another person to walk around your vehicle to physically look and see that all of your light bulbs are working and bright.

3. Replace Windshield Wipers – Make a habit of replacing windshield wipers at the beginning of each spring or summer.  You’ll be happy you did when those spring and summer rain storms come.

4. Make sure Brakes are working properly – Inspect your vehicle’s brakes twice a year to be sure you can stop on that proverbial dime.  Part of a normal brake inspection or car maintenance check should always be to make sure that brake fluids are clean and at the right levels.

5. Radiator Flush – Radiator coolant doesn’t last forever.  If the coolant becomes dirty, the radiator itself will begin to break down and corrode.  A once-a-year radiator flush is good car maintenance that will enhance your safety and all the features of your vehicle functioning properly.

6. Air Filter – Replace the air filter at least twice a year.  This is excellent preventive car maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly and quietly.

7. Battery Check – In the winter, corrosion can build up quickly in your car’s battery.  Each spring or summer, check the battery’s posts and cables so that your car will start quickly for you every time you use it.

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