You’ve Got the Power!

You’ve Got the Power!

Remember the good old days when you had to crank your car’s windows up and down? While it might have been a nice arm exercise, there are several reasons you rarely see new cars with manual windows anymore.

Power windows have a variety of benefits, such as the following:

  • Control. Drivers hold all of the power with automatic windows. Most vehicles have a master control pad on the driver’s door panel or on the console, allowing the driver to roll any windows in the car up or down as needed. Also available is the option to lock certain windows, which can be especially helpful for parents when children are in the backseat. When a window is locked by the driver, passengers can neither raise nor lower the window without permission from the driver.
  • Convenience. Rather than having to crank the lever that rolls windows up and down, power windows raise or lower windows with the push of a button. This makes it easier for anyone who has limited mobility due to arthritis or injury to control the windows in the vehicle.
  • Safety. Crank-style windows tend to stick over time, requiring additional time and effort to roll or unroll the window and potentially diverting the driver’s attention from the road ahead. Power windows take away this distraction, making the drive safer for everyone.
  • In the last several years alone, more automobile manufacturers have made automatic windows a standard. Have a car with manual windows? Fortunately, power windows can be installed in almost any vehicle.

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