Adding Wiper Fluid

Adding Wiper Fluid

The groundhog projected six more weeks of winter. We’re not out of the cold zone yet Chicago! This means you are probably going through a lot more wiper fluid to keep your windows clear for winter driving. In addition to snowy conditions clouding up your windows, dirt, bugs, wind, trees, and more help contribute to a dirty windshield. Fortunately, adding wiper fluid to your car is a relatively simple and inexpensive task.

Purchasing Fluid

Wiper fluid is widely available at most gas stations and auto stores. You can buy a gallon and it won’t cost you more than a few bucks. For winter weather conditions, we recommend purchasing fluid that is labeled for freezing temperatures. You may also purchase a smaller, 16 oz. fluid bottle of concentrated wiper fluid that you will need to mix with water. This is great for easy storage and back-up supply.

Time to Fill!

First you’ll need top pop the hood and prop it open. If you’ve never filled your own fluid before, you’ll be looking for a small reservoir cap. It will be labeled or have a window and wiper icon displayed on it. Next, using a funnel or not, poor your fluid mixture into the container. Be sure to watch the fill line to avoid overflowing it. Replace the reservoir cap and close the hood. You’re all done!


If you ever to run out of wiper fluid completely, never poor pure water in the reservoir for the time being. Pure water can freeze inside your fluid pump, and it doesn’t have the cleaning power of washing fluid. It’s better to head to the nearest gas station and use a self-service station to clean your windows. In a real pinch you can pour a water bottle on your windshield and/or use paper towels. It’s a good idea to keep extra window wiper fluid in your trunk just in case. Never risk driving if you cannot see out of your windshield!

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