How To Clean Snow Off Your Car

How To Clean Snow Off Your Car

Record snowfall!! Great news for students and snow days, not so great news for drivers. The latest snowfall in Chicago left us with a record breaking 16.2 inches in one day! Cleaning snow off of your car that’s more than a few inches can get a little tricky. If you have been in a snowstorm and you’re ambitious enough to try to unbury your car, we’ve got a few steps you can take and tricks to make it an easier experience.

  • Locate your car: So you’re parked on the street or in a lot full of cars that now look just like yours due to all the snow. Locate your car, dress warmly, and bring a shovel, snow scraper, towel, and soft-bristled broom. Also bring a helper if you can find one!
  • Dig out: Start digging out your car with a shovel. You may want to start by making a path to walk around your car. Next dig out the tires. Be sure that you are throwing the snow off to an area where you aren’t creating hazards on a walkway or throwing it in a spot where you will need to dig out later.
  • Brush: Now it’s time to get the snow off of your car. Starting with the roof of your car and then the hood, brush the snow onto the ground. This will gently remove excess weight off your car and prevent snow from sliding down or blowing onto your windows while driving. Only use a soft bristled brush or towel and not a shovel that may damage your car. Continue to clear snow from your windows and trunk.
  • Windows: Use a scraper to clear your windows and windshield. Never pour hot water on your windows to defrost them. Start your car and let it run for a few minutes. Now is a good time to brush off any remaining snow from the exhaust pipe and front vents. After a few minutes you can start the defrost and the heat to further thaw your car.

Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You are free to drive, that is, if your driveway has been cleared. If there’s more snow in the forecast, you may want to keep a tiny shovel and some salt in your trunk just in case.

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