Avoid A Break-In

Avoid A Break-In

Never leave laptops or other items of value out in the open in your car when you leave it parked somewhere. Even if you leave your car in the parking lot “for just a minute,” that is plenty of time for a burglar to break in and take any valuables you may have inside.

Even if you are in a lazy mood, make sure to do the following to prevent a break-in:

Keep bags out of sight. Even if it’s a drugstore plastic bag full of dirty clothes, it may cause temptation for potential burglars. A thief doesn’t know what could be in a bag, and it could be worth the risk in case anything of value is inside. Even if nothing gets stolen, you still have to worry about glass repair or even changing locks.

Be aware when putting valuables in your trunk. Most people arrive at their destination, and put purses and bags in the trunk before heading off on a hike or out on the town. Even if you don’t notice anyone around, there could be someone who spots you stashing your things in the trunk and discovers your hiding place. Put belongings in the trunk before you leave for your destination.

Watch out for wires and cords. Exposed chargers or headphones generally mean there are electronics nearby. Even if the actual device is not in the car, thieves may suspect that you left your iPod or some other device somewhere in the vehicle. Store cords in the glove compartment or console to keep them out of sight.

Consider your options. Car alarms may not prevent someone from attempting to break into your car, but it sure will scare them off as soon as it starts to sound. If you park your car on the street or somewhere out in the open, think about investing in an alarm.

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