Phone Safety While Driving

Phone Safety While Driving

The world is very fast-paced, and people are expected to be available 24/7. This means many need to be on their cell phones throughout the day, including in the car. While it is recommended to save the chatter until you are at the office or at home, it is sometimes unavoidable. Remember to NEVER text while driving, no matter what!
If you must be on the phone while driving, at least follow these safety rules:

  • Learn some shortcuts. Rather than manually dialing a person’s number or searching for them in your contacts, save the phone numbers of those you talk to frequently in your phone’s speed dial. This will allow you to only have to push a button or two so you won’t have to be looking down at your phone for a long period of time.
  • Use your device hands-free. A variety of hands-free cell phone devices are available and easy to install in your car. There are speaker phone accessories, and stands to place on your dashboard so you are able to use both hands for driving purposes only.
  • Place your phone within reach. Instead of having your phone in a purse or bag in the backseat, place it in the cup holders next to you or somewhere where you can easily grab it if you need to answer a call. Don’t risk swerving off the road just to answer your phone – let it go to voicemail if needed.
  • Be conscious of weather and road conditions. In a rain or snow storm, or in times of heavy traffic, extra attention is necessary for safe driving, so try not to use your phone. If you are already on the phone and notice the weather getting worse, tell the person you are driving and call them back later.
  • Avoid intense or stressful conversations while driving. Driving on the road is not the time to have fights or other stressful conversations over the phone. They are even more distracting than a normal conversation, and can be dangerous.

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