Best Apps For Road Trips

Best Apps For Road Trips

Sweet, sweet summertime is just around the corner and for the lucky ones among us, that means road trips! Summer road trips are a quintessential part of the American experience and have been an institution since the advent of the automobile. In the past ten years or so, road trips have gotten even better because of smart phones. There are a number of apps available now that can help enhance your road trip experience. A few of our favorites are below.

Along the Way

Along the Way is an app for iPhones that allows you to see all of the cool spots to stop along your road trip. You can find coffee shops, bars, restaurants, parks, shopping, landmarks, museums, and so much more with this app. Rather than just looking around where you currently are, this app will search all along your route to find the best spots between point A and point B.


Waze is a real-time navigation app that has a lot to offer today’s road-tripper a number of amenities. Not only will Waze offer different route options, it will give you real-time updates on traffic, notifications about speed traps, and gas price comparisons among gas stations near you. Waze is updated constantly by other users to give you the most up-to-date information about the route you’re taking.


Glympse is your mom’s favorite app. It’s fast, it’s free, and it’s incredible simple. It shares your location in real time with those you choose. It shows them your route, where you are currently, when you’re supposed to arrive—even how fast you’re going. Let loved ones know where you are and when with this app.

Road Trippers

Road Trippers is the ultimate road tripping app. It helps you beforehand, along the way, and after your road trip. It helps you plan your trip by showing a wealth of trip guides that other road trippers have uploaded to the app. It helps you along the way by navigating. It even helps you blog your trip as you go! It’s like crowd sourcing your road trip!


Let’s face it. None of us make physical prints of our pictures anymore (good on you if you are one of the few left), but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice scrapbooking! Animoto is an app that allows you to make digital scrapbooks of your photos and videos. Document your road trip in the best way with Animoto!

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