Does Idling Your Vehicle Harm The Engine?

Does Idling Your Vehicle Harm The Engine?

As soon as temperatures drop and snow hits the ground, many people dread the thought of getting into their frigid car to go to work in the morning. Even if you park your car in a garage, it can still get pretty chill overnight. To avoid being freezing for the first ten minutes of your car ride, some go out and start their vehicle while it is parked so it can warm up before they need to leave. But is this routine idling ruining the car’s engine? Here is what we know.

Back in the day before cars were as modern and computer controlled as they are now, they had chokes and carburetors that could indeed harm the engine if they idled for too long. Depending on what mode the choke was set on, gasoline would pour from the carburetor into the cylinders and the unburned gas would often leak into the oil and dilute it, ultimately shortening the lifespan of the engine. But now, as cars are built differently and have become more hi-tech, this is no longer an issue. Fuel is now managed much more efficiently and idling doesn’t impact like the life of the vehicle like it used to.

The only downsides of idling your car in the morning is that it will waste a little bit of gas and it creates unnecessary pollution for the environment. As long as you aren’t the person that leaves your car running for a half hour while you shower, eat breakfast, and get dress, its really not a big deal if you idle within reason. We understand the desire to warm up your car for 5-10 minutes so you’re comfortable while driving to work on cold winter days.

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