Rebuilt vs. Remanufactured vs. Used Auto Parts

Rebuilt vs. Remanufactured vs. Used Auto Parts

If you need to make a serious repair to your vehicle or are looking for parts to use on a project car you’ve been working on, do you know what type of parts are going to perform best? When comparing rebuilt, remanufactured, and used auto parts, there are often significant price differences. Besides the price, can you differentiate them? Here is what you should know.


Rebuilt auto parts are those in which only the worn or damaged components of a part are replaced and the remaining working components are left in their current state. For instance, if a vehicle’s transmission is rebuilt, the torque converter and clutches may need to be replaced while the original pumps, bands, valve body, etc. will be used. It’s important to note that in rebuilt parts, only some components are replaced so the components that are not replaced will most likely need to be replaced in the near future as well.


Remanufactured parts are those that have been totally revamped and restored to the standard and quality of a new part. As an example, when an engine is remanufactured, every single component (except for the body) is replaced or rebuilt so that it meets OEM tolerance, quality, and durability standards. These parts are typically more expensive that rebuilt or used parts.

Used Auto Parts

Used auto parts are a bit different than rebuilt and remanufactured parts – they come as they are. While they can still be in perfectly good condition, take a little more caution when buying used parts and be sure to consult with the salvage yard or auto shop specialist before you buy.

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