How To Prep Your Vehicle For Spring

How To Prep Your Vehicle For Spring

The winter season takes a major toll on our vehicles. From snow and salt to frigid temperatures our tires, wiper blades and paint take a beating. As temperatures change it is important to not only spring clean your home, but your car too. The following are great ways to prep your car for spring 2016:

Give Your Vehicle A Deep Cleaning

Give your car a thorough cleaning and waxing. Salt and sand will often times damage the car’s paint. Scrub the bottom of your car doors, which is where a lot of salt tends to build up. Using a silicone spray is a great option to repel dirt and lubricate. For the inside of your car use a steam cleaner. You can also use a rug cleaning spray to remove salt from the inside of your car as well.

Spend the extra little bit of money for an underbody wash. Salt, sand and other dirt will coat the bottom of your car in the winter which can cause corrosion. Rust is often times a result of corrosion which will make it difficult and dangerous to drive.

Replace Wiper Blades And Top Off Fluids

Between snow, sleet and frost your wiper blades get their workout in the winter season. Purchase a new set of wiper blades, so they are ready for spring showers. Windshield wiper fluid tends to get used a lot during the winter months, top them off. Oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid should also be changed regardless of the season. This should be done every 5,000 miles.

Check Tire Pressure

Cold weather can cause tires to be underinflated. In contrast, warm weather will overinflate them. Be sure to check your tires are at the proper pressure to avoid any damage. Driving on properly pressure tires can save you a lot of money avoiding blown tires.

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