How to Pick a Project Car

How to Pick a Project Car

Getting Started

Picking the car you are going to work on is the single most important decision of your project. You’ll want something you can be proud of and actually want to drive around. But you’ll also want something realistic and something that you can finish without breaking the bank. Below are some tips to helping you find your perfect project car.

Do Your Research

Having a plan before you go around looking is going to save you a lot of time and money when looking for a project car. You are going to want to do thorough research on what types of cars you want and how easily they’re found before you go on a wild goose chase. You’ll want to have a few options in mind before you go. Don’t set your heart on anything at the beginning, because you may be setting yourself up for failure. Give yourself some wiggle room and make a list of about three models you’d like to look for.

Set a Budget

Before you start a project car, make sure to set your budget. Know what you are willing to spend for the car itself, and know how much money you are willing to put into it. Don’t drain the bank when there options out there that can cost you less. Don’t spend too much on a project car, but be weary of spending too little. Don’t worry about a few extra hundred dollars if it is a car you really like.

Parts Availability

Look for a car that has good parts availability. You may find a car whose parts are either too rare or too expensive for your troubles. Save your energy and frustration and go with something that you will actually be able to find parts for. You will thank yourself in the end when you actually have completed your project.

Pick Something Good

Okay, this sounds vague. But it’s true. You want to pick a car that is not in such bad shape that it is beyond repair. Start by looking at the frame. If it is rusted or rotted, keep looking. Unless you are very experienced, check for something that at least runs. Carpets, seats, and other interior pieces of a project car are often easy fixes, so don’t spend too much time looking at this. All-in-all, avoid cars that are incomplete in a big way. You may find that you pour more time and money into the project than it’s worth.

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