Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Summer in Chicago

Summer in Chicago means long days at the beach, baseball games, and grilling on rooftop patios. The countless outdoor activities, endless restaurants, and beautiful Lake Michigan make Chicago the place to be in the sunny months of summer. But drivers in Chicago know that summer doesn’t come without at least a few issues—especially for your vehicle. Not everyone has access to a garage, and leaving your car out in the heat can be problematic. Learn how to keep your car cool this summer with this tips!

Overheated Engine

Sweltering summer heat can cause problems for your engine. When the temperatures outside rise, the temperature gauge that measure’s your engine’s temperature rise too. High temperatures, warning lights, and steam coming from the hood are all signs of your engine overheating. If you see this happening, make sure to pull over immediately to let the engine cool down. Make sure that you always have enough coolant in your engine with regular maintenance, especially during the hot summer months.

Sun Damage

In the same way the sun has the potential to damage our skin, it can wreck your car’s exterior and interior alike. Sun damage can ruin a car’s paint job and discolor upholstery. It’s important that whenever you can, park your car in a garage to prevent your car’s body from getting sun damage. If you park in the sun, protect the inside of your car from sun damage by purchasing a sunshade to put behind your windshield. The sunshade will also help with the interior of your car from getting too hot. That way you can enter your car without burning your legs or hands.

Stinky Smells

We all know new car smell—but what about hot car smell? The heat can make the interior of your car start to stink. Old-fashioned air fresheners can remedy this problem, but a simple trick to quick relief is putting a dryer sheet up against the air conditioner. Keep a box of dryer sheets in your console and every time you start up the A/C, put one over the blower. Your car will start to smell a little less like it’s melting, and a little more like it’s fresh out of the lot!

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