Important Items for Your Glove Compartment

Important Items for Your Glove Compartment

What do you currently have in your glove compartment? Proof of insurance, some Taco Bell napkins, maybe some old gum? An easy place to store things on the go, your glove compartment can actually serve as a place to keep useful items and information in case of accident or emergency.

Here is a list to start:

  • Medical Information: A list of your (and all of your family members’) medical conditions and medications is beneficial to have in the car in case an accident occurs and you are unable to communicate this information.
  • Contact Phone Numbers: Having at least one list of these numbers at all times (glove compartment, wallet, cell phone) is useful in the case of an emergency.
  • Paper and Pen: If you are involved in an accident, a paper and pen are useful for exchanging information.
  • Insurance: Not only is this the law in almost all states, chances are you will need it at some point. Keep the car’s title at home, and the registration in your wallet, not in the glove compartment.
  • Vehicle’s Owner’s Manual: In case you need help with symbols on the dash, recommended maintenance schedule, and other important facts.
  • Flashlight: Use it if you need to change a tire while driving at night, or to find that CD you dropped under the seat.
  • Napkins: These can be handy for a variety of reasons – wiping up spilled coffee, blowing your nose, eating that Taco Bell we mentioned earlier. . .
  • Snacks: A granola bar or small bag of chips can give you some energy if you are driving after a long day of work or at night when you feel tired.

Do you have anything to add to the list?

Courtesy of aeroautoparts

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