No Time for a Repair?

No Time for a Repair?

We understand that sometimes you get a crack or chip in your windshield and are unable to repair it right away due to your busy schedule. In addition, this issue may seem minor since it doesn’t affect us as much as other car problems, so you may not think you can wait a while for repair. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be a big mistake. Even the smallest chip can crack out unexpectedly, requiring more extensive repair or replacement.

If you absolutely cannot get the chip repaired within a couple of days, here are some helpful hints to prevent it from becoming worse before you are able to get it in to the auto glass shop.

Be aware of temperature changes. Stress on the windshield is the number one reason for cracking out, and sudden changes in temperature put a lot of stress on the surface. If you wash your car outside on a hot summer day, a burst of cold water on the windshield will create a stain on the glass, and may expand any existing chips beyond repair. Park the car in the shade and let it cool for a bit. Similarly, do not use your defroster at the hottest temperature in the winter, especially if the chip is near the vent on the dashboard. Slowly warm the windshield as the engine warms.

Stay away from rough conditions. You have to go where you have to go, so avoiding roads with pot holes, extreme turns or other rough driving conditions may not be possible. However such conditions can put pressure on the glass. Windshields are made with flexible glass, so pressure can cause it to flex and cause stress to a chip.

Cover it up. It may seem strange, but covering up a crack with clear tape will prevent debris such as tar, rain, dust or wiper fluid from getting stuck in it. If the damage stays clean, it is easier for the repair technician to fix, and the result will be better. When dirt and other particles get trapped in the break it can affect the clarity of the area of the windshield after repair. However, if your vehicle has been exposed to recent moisture such as rain or snow, covering up the chip with tape may trap moisture inside, which could freeze and expand, making the damage larger.

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