Keep Your Car Interior Clean With Our Tips!

Keep Your Car Interior Clean With Our Tips!

For a lot of us, when it comes to cleanliness, our vehicles tend to fall by the wayside. Everyone has a busy schedule, and keeping our cars clean can plainly and simply be too much of a hassle for a lot of us. But what if we told you keeping your car clean could be easy? It might be annoying, but if you just dedicate fifteen minutes out of your week to making sure your car is clean, you’ll see a huge improvement! Your car should be your sanctuary—your personal space. When it’s messy, it can create a stressful environment. Get rid of that stress and ride in style with our easy-to-follow clean car tips below:

What Goes In Must Come Out

If you keep this mantra in the back of your mind every time you enter and exit your vehicle, you’ll be shocked at the different it makes in the tidiness of your car. Whether it’s your jacket, your bag, or that coffee mug, just remember—if you take it into the car when you get in, take it out when you leave. This simple rule alleviates clutter and garbage from building up in your car.

Stay Organized

If there are some things that absolutely must stay in your car, at least keep them organized. Designate a place for everything so that it goes back in its place when you’re done using it. A great tool for this is car organizers. You can buy these pretty cheap and they strap on snuggly to seat backs and blend seamlessly in with the interior of your vehicle. Keep that glove box organized with an accordion folder for all of your documents like your vehicle registration and owner’s manual. If you want to get crazy, involve a label maker (it’s actually pretty fun).

Get Rid of Dirt & Grime

Wipe down all your surfaces with baby wipes you keep in the glove box. A quick wipe-down can make all the difference. Don’t forget about those cup holders. Those pesky pockets are magnets for crumbs, dirt, and lint. Spend an extra second or two scrubbing your cup holders. Also—don’t ignore the carpets. Run the vacuum through your vehicle about once a month and you should be good to go.

Avoid Eating In the Car

Ok, this one might be tough—but as much as you can, try not to eat in your car. Food wrappers, containers, and crumbs are the number one culprit for dirty interiors. If you eliminate the food, you eliminate the mess! (We know this one might be a stretch, but try your best).

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