Road Safety for Pedestrians

Road Safety for Pedestrians

Every year, road traffic crashes kill about 1.24 million people and more than one fifth of these deaths occur among pedestrians. Pedestrian traffic accidents can be preventable. Bikers, drivers, and pedestrians should make road safety a priority for all who share the road. We’d like to draw attention to pedestrian road safety to reduce pedestrian traffic accidents.

Be Seen!

Pedestrians should use reflective clothing and bright colored clothing as tools to increase their visibility to drivers. If walking at night, consider using a flashlight or blinkers for your clothing. When crossing a street, never jump out from a line of parked cars, snow pile, etc. You should instead walk to the nearest crosswalk and emerge slowly and safely. Only cross the street if you have made eye contact with the driver and the vehicle has slowed down.

Avoid a Dangerous Situation

Choose to walk on a path or sidewalk rather than the street. Never cross the street diagonally. Use the crosswalks and obey the traffic signals. Don’t assume that a vehicle can see you. Make eye contact with a driver when crossing the street at a stop sign to be sure that the driver acknowledges your presence. Consider taking a cab or other form of public transportation if you are drowsy or under the influence of drug or alcohol.

Avoid Distractions

Listening to music, texting, or talking on the phone can be distracting while walking. These distractions may affect your ability to hear and/or see a vehicle approaching. These distractions may also prevent the pedestrian from seeing upcoming hazards, warning signs, or traffic signs and signals. Are you practicing road safety as a pedestrian?

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