The Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of Summer

When you head up to the cabin or over to grandma and grandpa’s, it is hard to leave your canine companion at home; so why not bring them along? You may think this will add stress to the trip, but bringing your dog along can be simple with these simple steps:

  • Do not let your dog ride unsecured in the front passenger seat. The safest place is in a crate in the very back of the vehicle, or in the back seat with a dog seat belt.
  • Do not let your dog stick his or her head out the window. They could get hit with debris or even jump if they see something tempting to chase.
  • Do not feed your dog right before the trip; they could get travel sickness. Speak with your vet about anti-nausea medicine.
  • Do not leave your dog alone in the car. Your vehicle heats up a lot, especially in summer.
  • Keep the dog away from antifreeze and other vehicle-related chemicals.
  • Be observant of the animal’s behavior. Unsteadiness, vomiting and heavy panting may be a sign of heatstroke.
  • Have a first aid kit and your pet’s health records on hand in case of emergency.
  • Need to stop overnight somewhere? You can find a list of hotels and other lodging that accepts pets at

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