Speedometer Repair Service

Speedometer Repair Service

Currently, speedometer repair fixes broken sensor clusters. If you have faded sensors or a broken speedometer, we will help you repair it.

It is very easy to repair the speedometer. Using our service will allow you to save your current calibration cluster. Just send us your broken calibration cluster, we will repair it, test it, and send you the repaired speedometer.

We also offer LED lights for your calibration clusters. If you dim the lights of the speedometer. Light them up with LEDs.

We also offer Speedometer Repair Services in Wilmington. We will come to you and repair your speedometer on the spot. We fix Broken calibration clusters where yours have ever been. Ask about the repair of the speedometer in other States.

We offer repair of speedometers of all brands and models. The popular “Chevrolet” is similar to the “Suburban”, “Silverado”. Jeep Wrangler and Cherokee Speedometer LED lamp conversion kits are available.

Our mail in the speedometer repair service allows you to send us your broken calibration cluster and we will make repairs. If you are not sure how to make repairs yourself or remove your calibration cluster – contact us

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